Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pics From Today

Youngerspawn listening to the instructions on how to steer and stop his Cubmobile, but his helmet kept falling off the back of his head. Proper protection at it's finest! At least the cars came equipped with working seat belts!

I got in on the action for one race. They needed another person so I decided to race my own boy.

Elderspawn getting ready to head down the ramp in his Cubmobile.

This is where Elderspawn used his legs to stop, popped a wheelie and got all banged and bruised up.

Back of Elderspawn's calf. You really can't see the bruising below the scrape in this pic because of the flash but it's pretty. I'm more worried about the ankle on his other leg. It's a bit swollen right now, but he says it doesn't hurt and he's walking fine on it.

**Edit** I haven't figured out how that boy didn't break a bone. This morning both legs have huge, dark black bruises on the backs of them. The only thing I can figure out is that he must have gotten his dad's strong bones.

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