Saturday, January 28, 2006

Maranda's Birth

The day I met Contagion will be forever burnt into my brain. We met at a picnic almost 15 years ago. Contagion was a very different person back then as opposed to who he is today. A bonnet hat tip to Ktreva for a fine job well done for taming his wild ways.

The picnic was fun until Contagion decided that it would be a great idea to start a food fight with me. It wasn't just any food though, it was raw, bloody ground beef he started chucking at me. He was supposed to be making hamburger patties out of the ground beef. Then he decided it to be a good idea to chase me with a 3 pronged meat tenderizer! Can you say Scarey!! This wasn't a good first impression to make on someone.

Contagion at this time was still in high school, about to graduate and enter into college. He was going for a law degree, which he did successfully obtain, and was very much into his plans. He often times would joke around "reading me my rights". He also always called me Maranda. Well this was my name for the next two years or so. It never bothered me that he didn't call me by my real name, but I wondered why he did so. Finally, curiousity got the best of me, not sure if I really wanted to know though, I asked him why he called me Maranda. Honestly, he thought it was my real name so that's why he called me that. He hasn't called me that since.

When it came time for me to name my blog, I thought back to this and this is how my blog name and screen name came to life.

Thanks Contagion for giving me my new name!

First Sucky Post

Here I Am

I hereby officially declare Maranda Under Stress up, operational and open for blogging business. My non-existant banner hopefully will be taken care of sooner rather than later. It's lack thereof is too boring for my taste :)

Where I hail from: Illinois - born and raised. Dang, I really need to get out more.
Spouse - Graumagus of the infamous Frizzen Sparks. 15 years and counting - tick, tick, tick :) (lol).
Offspring - 2 boys - Elderspawn (ES), 8 and Youngerspawn (YS), 3. Much more to follow about them.
Siblings - None. I'm a spoiled rotten only child.
Heritage - Swedish/Irish.
Career - CNA - Certifiable Nutty Asswiper - technically known as Certified Nurse's Assistant.

This is the basics about me. More to follow as things pop into my brain.