Friday, March 13, 2009


My house:

The smell has returned to normal and the crapper's working fine.

My son's grades:

He's managing to pull them up a bit. He still has a bit to go though.

My friend:

Well, she's doing the best she can. A cyst burst and caused the stroke, an infection and nerve damage. Plus she has a second cyst as well. But she's still managing to work though. But, no driving yet.

Things are a bit better in the house of Maranda.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bummin' And Stinkin'

Where I'm at and where I've been I really couldn't tell ya. I'm wiped out. It all started a couple weeks ago when my best friend called and told me she just got out of the ER after suffering a stroke and if I'd be able to give two of her four kids a ride to school in the mornings because they have no way of getting there otherwise. Of course I said yes. Two days ago she called to tell me that her MRI results showed that she either has a cyst or a tumor and it's crushing part of her brain, she can no longer drive or work and she has to go to a brain surgeon. That doctor might be able to get her in two weeks from now. Today she calls and tells me she's had two bloody noses and she never has bloody noses. Her mom, dad, brother and a niece or nephew have all passed away from different forms of cancer at young ages. Her sister is currently battling breast cancer. She's only 36 years old and a mom of 4. If you believe, please say a few prayers for her. She really needs them right now.

Needless to say, tonight's the first night I've been on the net for a couple of weeks. I'm wiped and hungry as I speak. A midnight snack sounds good. Mmm...

Now for my problems:

Today.... I had to take my car into the fixemup shop cuz something ain't right in the front end and the steering's goin' to hell. Sumthin's bangin' and poppin' and it's ridin' like a grain truck.

And Then....As soon as I get home and open my front door I'm greeted my the pungent aroma of shit. Yeah, you read that right. Shit. SHIT!!! Sent the boyz to grandma and grandpa's while I sat in my aromatic house and waited for the fixemup guy to come over and fix my crapper catcher. Seems the septic pipe under my trailer came apart and was leaking all underneath. It just needed to be glued back together. Probably from the weather. Whew! I'm glad it was him and not me under there. EWW! That's what I'm paying him for. Right? And the worst part was if I wanted to go anywhere I had to walk there cuz my car's in the fixemup shop too! Calgon, take me away!!!!

My 11 year old is pulling straight F's in school cuz he either doesn't get the homework home or just won't do it. So now his teachers are keeping him in from recess and after school to try and pull his butt out of it so he can pass the 6th grade. Needless to say he's lost all of his electronics in the house for the remainder of the school year. And possibly this summer if he has to attend summer school. Oh, hell, maybe forever. He's not arguing with his games anymore anyways.

My 6 year old has decided to start throwing major temper tantrums lately and stomping his feet. Ya know. Needless to say, he gets alot of timeouts. Then tonight he was trying to hook a dvd player up to his TV and knocked the damned TV on the floor. I doubt it works anymore.

I need a vacation. Alone. By myself. Yeah, sounds good to me. Or maybe just nice weather so the kids can get outside and blow the stink off of them.

Hey, on a brighter house got a really good airing out and a that can of air freshener I sprayed all over my house helped. Thank goodness it was 60 and sunny today. And, I finally got my new ultra plush, pillowtop mattress and box spring set, after a 3 week delay. Ahh...a new bed. Now, where did I put that damn step stool so I can get in the damn thing!?! Hmm...

I'm still waiting on my new couch and recliner though. It'll be a month by the time I finally get the damn things. Oh, BTW, I bought some new furniture with my tax return money. Yeah, TV stand, coffee table and 3 end tables for my living room too. And they all match:) The couch and the recliner do too:)

Geez, it's after midnight. I'm tired. I'm heading to bed. Night night. Been a rough couple of weeks.